Unlike many areas where tourists congregate, it seems Dubai’s crime rate is relatively low as punishment to those found guilty can be severe. Crimes perpetrated against people are usually among locals, and officials say tourists have little to worry about with regard to their personal safety.

But this is in the context of knowing that police authorities do not release crime statistics publicly. The local press reports crimes, and sometimes people talk openly about crime, but as far as official numbers and release of statistics, that generally does not happen, so it is a trend that is hard to gauge.

One trend that experts have noticed is an increase in burglaries in Dubai, which is credited to the fact that many western expatriates live in Dubai and leave the area between July and August which is when many home burglaries occur. There also indications that some of these crimes were carried out by westerners and other outsiders living in Dubai and may be operating as organised gangs who have taken advantage of the more liberal attitudes in Dubai. You must also be careful of not falling victim to opportunistic crimes, that means ensure doors and windows are closed, do not leave valuables out in the open , even in cars. In short take the same precautions that you would at home.  This should be taken in perspective though.  It is widely regarded that the UAE has a much lower crime rate than almost all Western cities.

If you are going to rent a car, which is not the most recommended  way to see Dubai, be careful when driving. It can be terribly dangerous; accidents are frequent and often dramatic, usually attributable to the high rate of speed at which people drive. In addition, the rate of auto theft has doubled in recent years however it is still much lower than almost all major cities.

If you are hailing a cab make sure that it's an authorised taxi and it is licenced and they use the meter. Some driver's stop to pick passengers but they are not taxis or will not use the meter. 

So, safety precautions recommended elsewhere apply to Dubai as well. Be aware of the area you are in and who is hanging around. Be sure to protect your valuables by placing them in the hotel safe or concealing them in your car. Use a guide if you are going to travel into unfamiliar territory, or territory off the beaten path, and always conceal and protect your currency. Finally remember that Dubai is a Muslim country so you need to consider religious sensitivities.