Your best bet to get around Karachi is to arrange reliable private transportation with a local guide either before or when you arrive in the city. If you happen to drive a car, be extremely cautious. Unlike in the United States, driving is on the left in Pakistan. Recently, the roads in Karachi have improved a great deal. Thanks to the active local government, the city has seen many improvements such as signal free corridors, flyovers, expressways, underpasses, better roads and road signs. Drivers however, are very aggressive. The trick is to go with the flow, honk if the space getting tight, & be careful with motorcyclists. The traffic has eased up due to recent improvements & some commutes have been reduced to a fraction of what they used to be. Some fun roads to drive include Lyari Expressway, 'Khaybans' of Defence neighbourhood, Shahrah-e-Iran, 19 KM Signal free corridor, roads along the sea in Clifton & Defence, etc. Having said that, Karachi is a huge city & traffic volume is heavy on major roadways. Be very careful when crossing streets.

For more information on Traffic Safety and Road Conditions in Pakistan, check out the information on Pakistan's Consular Information Sheet.