Nightlife is not the big draw for Alexandria . Drinks can be hard to come by, and bellydancing is on the decline. If you’re determined to have a night on the town, start by checking the hotels, such as the Helnan Palestine, Monty’s Bar (named for Field Marshall Montgomery) at the Hotel Cecil, the Ramada Renaissance’s Black Gold, and the Montazah Sheraton’s Aquarius, which does still feature belly dancing. There is also a good Latin-American show on the terrace of the Salamalek, with singing, dancing, and DJ music.

Outside of the hotels, you can likely find a drink at the Portuguese Club (aka Carlos Bar ), Bar Havana, or the Spitfire Bar, located near Ramla, about a five-minute walk from the main square. Or, try Ceaser Palace, which is both a restaurant and a nightclub. Visitors will find live entertainment including folklore shows and regional cuisine. And the Orientique Discotheque has a casino with American roulette, black jack, and slot machines, complete with free drinks.