Not as impressive as the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa, but reputedly the oldest tombs in Alexandria, the necropolis at Chatby (sometimes written Shatbi or Chatbi) are situated next to the Youth Hostel and across the road from St Marc's College on Port Said Street (near the Corniche, East of Suez Canal Street).

Entry costs 20 EGP for foreigners and it is usually quiet with very few visitors. There are public toilets at the site but no other facilities.

The tombs are hewn from the loacl sandstone which is now weathered. Some tombs are above current ground level and others below (partly flooded).  It is not possible to enter any of the underground sections.

There is a pleasant garden and shaded seating around. There are sections of columns and parts of statues on display as well, including two (headless) sphinxes. There are no signs or guidance of any kind for visitors.

Several beautiful small items found at this site can be seen in the Alexandria National Museum