For anyone visiting Antigua without a car, there are a few other ways to get around the city.  One of the most popular ways among locals and the many students that come to the city each year to learn Spanish is by bus.  The city is full of what are known as "chicken buses", which are for the most part old, renovated school buses.  These chicken buses are inexpensive and travel along a large number of routes, including around Antigua and to and from Antigua and Guatemala City.  The buses generally do not run on a set schedule, but sit and wait until they are full before leaving.  The buses are safe for visitors, but are generally quite slow.  To get more information about these buses, ask at your hotel. 

Antigua also has a fairly new trolley service, which is mainly meant for tourists.  The trolleys travel around the city and give guided tours, stopping at different points of interest, letting people off or on.  Tours are available in English as well as Spanish.  To find out more about Antigua's trolley tours visit the company's website.  The trolley company offers similar tours of Guatemala city as well.