Santa Maria de Jesus

This is a charming small city about 15 minutes from Antigua. It is reachable by the public "van" on the corner of 9na Calle Oriente and Calzada Santa Lucia (the street the public market is on). The cost is 2 Quezales each way. It is on the slopes of Vulcan de Agua and uphill from Antigua.The views are lovely along the way. In the main square there is a temple built inside the Seventeenth Century carved arch (info from Wikipedia). The market on Sunday draws a few tourists but they have a market on other days and little tourist traffic. You can stop on the way there or back at San Juan de Osbispo. This small village is famous for being the site of one of the first Catholic churches in Guatemala and the home of the first bishop in Guatemala. It is possible to visit this home for a donation. You are taken around by the nuns.