In Panama, tipping is not compulsory,  but is good etiquette and supplements the low wages of the employee. If you're happy with your service, it is standard to leave a 10% gratuity. If you are thrilled with your service, you are welcome to leave more. Some restaurants build in the tip and it is important to check your final bill to know whether they tip has been added. Restaurants have differing policies about sharing tips: pooling is common and sometimes tips are not distributed until pay day. But this is not always the case.

Remember Panamanians work long hours, usually 6 days a week, and tips are an important supplement their income.

People are often quick to point out fault, but slow to comment on great service. If you are happy with the service and the food, please share that good news!  Just a small praise to a hard working Panamanian goes a long way. They will remember you ! Also, use your manners and smile and say please ( Por Favor) and thank you (Gracias). Learn some Spanish remember... Panama is their country and they speak Spanish not English. If you are respectful in Panama,  it will carry you a long way.