Procedures of Entry to (Exit from) Ukraine by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine can be found here



Ukrainian legislation provides for both visa and visa-free entry procedure for foreigners.


Citizens of certain states can enter Ukraine without a visa with passports valid for six months beyond the planned date of travel, if their planned stay is up to 90 days within the period of 180 days.

The cumulative calculation is applicable to the 90 days period, meaning that within the period of 180 days visa-free stay in Ukraine can last for 90 days maximum, from the date of first entry into Ukraine, be that one long 90-days stay or several shorter ones, totaling 90 days.

List of countries subject to visa-free entry of their citizens to Ukraine can be found here



Registration of all foreigners entering Ukraine is conducted by the officers of Frontier Service of Ukraine at the border or entry ports upon entry to Ukraine and no further registration is required for the short-term stay (less than 6 months).

Registration of visa-free stay in Ukraine can be extended in certain cases by applying to the Territory Immigration Authority known as Visa and Registration Department, VaRD (rus. ОВиР, Отдел виз и регистраций; ukr. ВВіР, Відділ віз та реєстрацій) at your place of residence in Ukraine.

VaRDs are the offices of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of Ukraine. There are commonly several offices in most of large Ukrainian cities (for example, each city district or rayon (ukr. район) in Kyiv has its own VaRD).

Registration by VaRD is an extension of the entry registration by Frontier Service of Ukraine providing for a longer stay. But it is not applicable for the re-entry to Ukraine within the present 180 days period. If you have spent 90 days in Ukraine, you have to leave the country and will be able to re-enter Ukraine visa-free for another 90 days only after the 180 days period from the date of your first entry expires.

Extension application together with confirming documents should be submitted to VaRD in written no later than three days prior to the expiry of available registration (90days stay).

Confirming documents that should be attached to the application depend on the purpose of your visit. For private and touristy visits those usually include (a) copy of passport and (b) 2 or 3 photos; (c) medical insurance can also be required. You’ll also have to name the address for your registration in Ukraine and if it’s a private apartment, then (d) the notarized written consent of the apartment’s owner should be attached or the notarized apartment rental agreement.

Check the required documents with the office you’re going to register your extension at.


Citizens and permanent residents of the countries not listed, as well as citizens and permanent residents of the countries listed if their planned stay exceeds 90 days within the 180 period, must apply for the entry visa to Ukraine from Ukrainian embassies or consulates abroad.

Citizens of both listed and non-listed states must apply for the entry visa to Ukraine, if the purpose of their visit is other than short-term tourist, business or private travel.

List of Ukrainian Embassies abroad and their contact details can be found here

Visa issuance tenor and price as well as documents required for visa application vary depending on the type and length of visa requested.

Contact Ukrainian Embassy in your destination for further details.

Hints for getting your visa in the UK

Single Entry Visas - in the UK (London) are £52 and take 10 working days to process. You will need your passport, 2x passport photos, a copy of your flight confirmations, hotel booking as well as a copy of your travel insurance for the trip. If you have a UK visa you also need a copy of that. You will be required to lodge your application at the embassy in Nottinghill, then you will be given a deposit slip to go to the Lloyds Bank to deposit your fee with your given reference number - you then take the reciept back to the embassy and hand it in, they will then give you a collection slip. The date you can collect it will be noted. The embassy is not open Wednesdays - Applications are only 9:30 to 12 and collection 11am - 11:20am.


Note that Ukraine DOES NOT issue visas at the border or ports of entry. Visas must be obtained through Ukrainian Embassies and Consulates abroad in advance.


Citizens and permanent residents of certain states are allowed to cross the border of Ukraine – in order to stay in Ukraine or to transit through/exit from Ukraine – subject to confirmation of sufficient financial means for their purpose of crossing the border.

Sufficient financial means are defined as twenty-fold minimum subsistence level (as of the entry date to Ukraine) per each month of stay in Ukraine or for the period of less than 1 month.

The availability of these funds can be confirmed by demonstrating the following:

  • Ukrainian (hryvnya) or hard foreign currency in cash;
  • financial document liable to funds receipt from Ukrainian banks indicating the amount of such finds;
  • credit card of any international payment system and the banking statement on the holder’s account remaining balance;
  • confirming document on booking or payment of lodging, payment of sustenance in Ukraine;
  • touristy voucher;
  • Letter of Guarantee from an individual or a legal entity that invited the foreigner to Ukraine and undertook all his expenses related to the stay in Ukraine;
  • Return ticket to the home country or a third country.

The list is rendered below for information purposes only and is based on the Regulation by The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No1074 of 29.12.1995 “On entry rules to Ukraine for the foreign citizens and non-citizens as well as their exit from Ukraine and transit through the territory of Ukraine” available here (in Ukrainian)

Confirmation of sufficient financial means can be required from the citizens of

1. Afghanistan
2. Angola
3. Albania
4. Algeria
5. Bangladesh
6. Benin
7. Bhutan
8. Botswana
9. Burkina Faso
10. Burundi
11. Capo-Verde
12. Cambodia
13. Cameroon
14. Central African Republic
15. Chad
16. China
17. Columbia
18. Comoros
19. Congo, Democratic Republic of
20. Congo, Republic of
21. Cote D’Ivoire
22. Djibouti
23. Dominica
24. Dominican Republic
25. Egypt
26. Equatorial Guinea
27. Eritrea
28. Ethiopia
29. Gabon
30. Gambia
31. Ghana
32. Guinea
33. Guinea-Bissau
34. Guyana
35. Haiti
36. India
37. Indonesia
38. Iraq
39. Iran
40. Jordan
41. Kenya
42. Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
43. Kyrgyzstan
44. Laos
45. Lesotho
46. Liberia
47. Lebanon
48. Libya
49. Mauritius
50. Mauritania
51. Madagascar
52. Malawi
53. Mali
54. Mozambique
55. Moldova (except citizens crossing the board within the framework of Ukraine-Moldova Treaty on state border crossing points and simplified entry for citizens residing near border)
56. Mongolia
57. Myanmar
58. Namibia
59. Nepal
60. Niger
61. Nigeria
62. Nicaragua
63. Pakistan
64. Palestine
65. Papua New Guinea
66. Philippines
67. Rwanda
68. South African Republic
69. San-Tome and Principe
70. Swaziland
71. Seychelles
72. Senegal
73. Syria
74. Somalia
75. Suriname
76. Sudan
77. Sri Lanka
78. Sierra-Leone
79. Timor
80. Tajikistan
81. Tanzania
82. Togo
83. Tonga
84. Turkmenistan
85. Uzbekistan
86. Uganda
87. Vietnam
88. Yemen
89. Zambia
90. Zimbabwe