The Nikola Tesla Museum is a collection of artifacts and material relating to the life and work of the great Serbian born inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla. There are demonstration in museum on each full hours. Tesla's work was predominately in electrical engineering and he was responsible for such great inventions as the electrical induction motor and the much utilised Tesla coil, although he never received the acclaim he deserved during his life time. Nikola Tesla died in 1943 in the USA.


Some pictures from the Nikola Tesla museum, featuring the diverse scupltures, paintings, and interactive scientific machinary available for visitors: 

 A bust of Nikola Tesla: 

Tesla museum 1

One of Nikola Tesla's own designs, availble for a real time show of how electricity travels: 

 interactivity at the Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade, Serbia

 At various times through-out the year they run competitions. Below is a local one for young artists to show how they see Nkola Tesla:

Nikola Tesla competition