From Otopeni Henri Coanda Airport To Bucharest


If you wanna take the BUS Line 780 or 783 from the Airport Otopeni Henri Coanda to the city, the bus stop is downstairs, in front of Arrivals Entrance (from International Arrivals, take the stairs, follow the signs to get to Arrivals and then exit) or follow the yellow Bus signs. There is a kiosk/ machine where you can buy tickets, the driver don't sell tickets, the price is 7-8 lei (ron).


  •  Express Line 783 (RATB) - 24 hour service !!! - Airport to Central Bucharest


 Line 783 connects the Otopeni "Henri Coanda" Airport with Central Bucharest via the following stops: Airport Henri Coanda Arrivals,Airport Henri Coanda Departure, ICSITMUAOtopeni City Hall (Primaria Otopeni), AMCOCFR Passage (Pasaj CFR), Privighetorilor Alley (Aleea Privighetorilor), Metheorogical Institute (Institutul Meteorologic), Baneasa Airport, Baneasa Bridge (Pod Baneasa), Press House(Triumph Arch - Casa Presei), DocentilorVictory Square (Piata Victoriei), Romana Square (Piata Romana), 21 December Square (Piata 21 Decembrie), Unirii Square 1 (Piata Unirii 1), Unirii Square 2 (Piata Unirii 2) where this service ends.

At  Victory Square (Piata Victoriei), Romana Square (Piata Romana), 21 December Square (Piata 21 Decembrie), Unirii Square 1 (Piata Unirii 1) and Unirii Square 2 you have easy acces to Subway (Metrou)


Line 783 is a 24 hour service, every 15-30 minutes during daytime and every 40 minutes at night, according to the following timetables:  Timetable 783 to P. Unirii and Timetable 783 to the Airport . A single journey lasts 40 minutes during off-peak hours and 60-90 minutes at rush hour.

Tickets: You can only buy a return journey card at the cost of 7 lei/two journeys + 1.6 lei the Multiple Card (Card Multiplu) = 8.6 lei. If you have an Active Card (Card Activ), when you touch the card you will be charged  3.5 lei/journey from you available credit. Note that tickets  cannot be purchased from the driver!

The departure from the Airport is at the Arrivals Terminal bus stop, outside the doors, where the ticket/card booth is also located. There is also a ticket machine where you can purchase a Multiple Card or you can top up your Active Card. The drop off point to the Airport is the Departures Terminal bus stop in front of the doors. The buses are operated by RATB (Bucharest Public Transport Services).

Note: for the trip to the Airport from bus stop P. Unirii, please buy the ticket in advance, since there is no ticket service at this bus stop.

If you wanna go to the North Railway Station (Gara de Nord) you can take express line 780 from Henri Coanda Airport (check next chapter).

Other informations about express line on ratb.



  •  Express Line 780 (RATB) - Airport to Bucharest North Rail Station (Bucuresti Nord - Gara de Nord) - 7 stops away!


 Line 780 is a daily service between 5.20 AM - 11 PM, departing from the Airport every 35 - 40 min, according to the following timetables  Timetable line 780 to Gara de Nord and Timetable line 780 to Airport . A single journey takes 40 - 60 min, depending on traffic.The pick-up point from the Airport is the Arrivals Terminal bus stop, at the doors, where also tickets can be purchased from the ticket booth or from the ticket machine.

Prices and card options are the same as for Express 783 above (you must get at least a return trip, minimal cost is 7- 8.6 lei )

The drop off point to the Airport is the Departures Terminal bus stop in front of the doors. The buses are operated by RATB (Bucharest Public Transport Services).

Note: tickets  cannot be purchased from the driver!

  • Shuttle & Train (CFR)

The CFR (Romanian Rail Services) provides a transfer by shuttle from the Airport to the  Airport Station  (PO Aeroport) (about 10 minutes away), where you board the "Henri Coanda" Express train to Bucharest North Station. The shuttles and the trains are synchronized. The service runs between 5.25 AM and 8.50 PM and it takes 60 min. to complete. Please check schedule "Henri Coanda" Express train (RO) . The pick-up point from the Airport is the Arrivals terminal, in front of the door.

Fares: A single trip costs 7.7 lei (according to CFR website) for the combined service (it's valid both for the bus and for the train)   Children under 10 pay half and children under 5 travel for free.

Note: please look in the Airport for the signs to the CFR ticket office. At this office tickets for travelling all over Romanian Rail can be purchased.


  • Taxi

 Bucharest Airport changed the taxi sistem introducing touch screen ordering in 2013.  There are now no other taxis outside waiting like in the past, all of the rip-off drivers have gone. Using this sistem the taxi drivers can enter and stay in front of international arrivals only with order and can wait the client only 5min, if the client who order the taxi dont show, the taxi must leave empty.

Also you can book online and in advance from Bucharest Airport. 

A serious business taxi company with fix rates is ,they are using Mercedes-Benz cars including MiniVans 8+1seats, very clean, with AC, credit card accepted, well maintained, licensed and insured for passenger transport on public roads by taxi or rental with driver, they accept online booking and reservation in advance. 

At the Arrivals Hall is a MACHINE (touchpoint) called Clever Taxi where you can choose the taxi company and price per km you want to pay. You will find taxis from 1,39lei/km - 3,50lei/km, most of them are Dacia Logan but at also can find Mercedes at 3,39lei/km - 3,50lei/km.

The machine will print you out a ticket giving a waiting time and a number; this number will be on the side of the taxi which arrives for you, just wait outside for it , show him the ticket and keep the ticket for complaining if you have "surprises". Never to give the ticket to the driver.

Ignore all other blandishments, your taxi will arrive; show the driver your number but keep the ticket. In general, never get in a 3+lei taxi; all taxis have the per km rate painted on the outside; always insist the meter is turned on - if not get out; there is no such thing as a night rate. Taxis waiting around the edge of the old town are there to rip you off.

Clever Taxi is also a safe way to call a cab when staying in Bucharest. It is an app that has multiple taxi companies from Romania. All the drivers are carefully checked and by using this you can avoid being ripped off. 

The prices for taxi in Bucharest are 1,39lei/km-3.5lei/km (30 - 70 eurocents/km)



Taxis and limousines can be prebooked with Talixo. It's one of the few reliable European apps that have full coverage in Bucharest, allowing to pre-book a trip to or from the airport, along with online payment options and economy car service class which is often cheaper than a regular taxi.    

DO NOT answer the taxi sharks hollering around the Arrivals hall!!! It is usually a painful rip-off!!!


  • Private Taxi

Providing airport transfer using comfortable and spacious cars in perfect technical conditions. All the cars are equipped with free HotSpot. Best prices for Bucharest private transfers and Romania private tours.






The cheapest way to travel is to combine BUS 780 or 783 with Subway (Metrou) stations, the nearest is Victoriei (bus 783) or Gara de Nord (bus 780), so:  

- take the BUS 783 to Victoriei, Romana, University or Unirii station and from there take the Subway (Metrou) or RATB or Taxi to your final destination.

- take BUS 780 to Gara de Nord Railway Station and from there take the Subway or RATB or Taxi.

- take TAXI to Victoriei Square and from here take the Subway (Metrou).

- take care, the subway is open from 5am - 11 pm - more on

 - map with public transport (RATB)  -