There are two basic kinds of shopping in Zagreb; shopping for food and shopping for goods.  Visitors should do the former throughout their stay in Zagreb but should limit themselves to the latter only because there are so many wonderful local goods to purchase there that it would be easy to spend all of one’s money just on local shopping!  Items which visitors often buy during a Zagreb vacation include pottery, glassware, crystal and baskets.  Ties are also popular purchases due to the fact that the tie is said to have originated in the area.  In terms of food, mlinci (a local pasta) is often supplemented with local wine and meals are often finished off with a kremsnite or orahnjaca pastries.

In terms of where to go to shop, there are numerous options.   Upper Town is the historic neighborhood which travelers often explore on foot and it is a spot where travelers will often find local shops that draw in their attention.   Jelacic Square ( is another favorite shopping neighborhood, in part because it has a flea market atmosphere where travelers can bargain for discounted prices on goods.   Travelers interested in this type of shopping frequently find that the Dolac Market ( meets all of their shopping needs.

Everybody needs good and reliable shoes!  If you walk in the center of Zagreb examine carefully entrances to backyards and in some (ie in Ilica, Zagreb High street)  you will find glass showcases full of handmade shoes. Do not hesitate to enter the workshop and ask for price and size. 


Also there a few big shopping malls outside the center like: Arena (except shops there is good food, movies and bowling club), City Center, Avenue mall, West Gate.