Airport taxis fares have gone up significantly and now it will cost you 180.- Bsf. At the black market exchange rate (8,5 Bsf x 1 USD$) means 20.-USD$. However, from the international terminal (for unknown reasons) expect to be paying a bit more.  Although the official airport taxi line is regarded as safe you may, carefully, wait for an incoming taxi car and check it out. If its downloading passengers, if it does belong to a taxi line, if it looks safe and the car its in shape, you may want to try and hire it with a 30 or 40 Bsf discount. This applies to both terminals. Be careful though. Nevertheless, there is a bus shuttle service that leaves every 15 minutes, right from the terminal front door, at a very affordable price (20.- Bsf) and drops you in downtown Caracas. Right on the downtown bus stop you may get a cab that will take you for 20 or 40 Bsf, depending of the distance. The bus service its not specially comfortable (seats are designed for the lean and slim), obviously take a lot more time to reach Caracas (depending on traffic taxi average time its 45 mins. versus bus travel time which its 1:45 hours) and its not recommended if you are traveling with lots of luggage.

Indeed, the best options remains to pre arrange the service via travel agency but, obviously, it does come with a mark up in the fare.

If you are traveling out of Venezuela, plan to be at the airport, at least, four hours ahead of time. For national flights, two hours ahead should be ebough.

Establishing clear and definite “rush hours” traffic  in Caracas its useless. Count on 12 hours continuous rush hours. The traffic in the city it’s chaotic, messy, mad, infuriating and its all matter of luck and in which direction you are heading. And thats all day long. If you add to this the weather factor and have the bad luck of been caught under one of the common showers it gets worse. Don’t expect your drivers to be sympathetic or understanding. The word “time” here has a total different perspective. However, after 21 hrs traffic tends to be smoother and more reasonable.