Montevideo is located in the southern hemisphere which means that when it is winter in places like the United States and Europe, it is summer in Montevideo.  Travelers from these colder winter places often find it preferable to head to Montevideo during their winter months, when the average temperature in Montevideo is a comfortable seventy five degrees. However, any time of the year is pretty nice in Montevideo in terms of the temperature.  When it is summer in the northern hemisphere, the average temperature in Montevideo is right around fifty degrees, making it a nice cool place to escape to when the temperatures have risen elsewhere.

Montevideo is not a location which is particularly rainy.  It averages approximately thirty six inches of rain per year, falling evenly throughout most of the seasons, so that each month of the year averages only three inches of rain.  The one major drawback to the weather in Montevideo is that it is characterized by high levels of humidity and frequent fog which travelers from drier climates may find somewhat uncomfortable.  It is also quite windy in Montevideo throughout the year.

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