A mountain bike ride into the Sacred Valley is a fantastic experience, getting you out into the countryside to see the way of life at first hand. The bike ride includes a visit to the famous circular ruins of Moray before continuing on down to the famous pre Inca saltpans at Maras. The scenery is absolutely spectacular starting on the plains above Cusco and the Sacred valley with awesome views of the Urubamba mountain range then continuing down until you end up in the Sacred Valley itself. The day begins on smooth dirt road passing through the villages and fields on the plains around Chinchero before arriving at Moray in time for lunch. The afternoon begins on smooth single track before arriving at the Maras Saltpans where there are some more technical sections where it is recommended less experienced riders walk, though they are very short.

It is the sort of ride suitable for anybody who can ride a bike has a sense of adventure and is of moderate fitness. There some short sections where people might want to get of and walk but they are short and the scenery and the awesome experience is something everybody will appreciate.