Cusco is a relatively safe city. Violent crime isn’t as prevalent as other destinations.

But, you should always use common sense and keep aware of your surroundings, especially at night. Don’t travel alone at night, don’t carry large amounts of cash or exterior signs of wealth and avoid areas that are known for being known as unsafe. 

All taxis are not licensed, and many car owners just put a TAXI sign on their window an operate as taxis.Many taxis are unsafe and you should be specially careful with them. If you get a taxi at a hotel, you will pay  a hire fare for the ride but you will be absolutely safe and the car will be in much better shape.

If you have to catch a taxi on the street, be sure you get on a yellow cab and do NOT ride one of the little TICO, as they are very unsafe mechanically wise in case of an accident. Always sit in the back right behind the driver. Never allow for another passenger to get in the taxi with you and always agree on the fare before you board the taxi. This is another reason to get a taxi at the hotel because if you do not speak the language, the porter can help you with the fare and the directions needed for the taxi to arrive to your destination.

Use of common sense is the rule of the game for all travellers, males and females as well. Don’t walk alone at night and know where you are going ahead of time. Do not walk alone on empty streets.

Be careful at the night bars and when picking up strange women as some are known for sliping a drug on your drink and then cleaning you of all your possesions.