The location of this market place is near church Santa Clara, that is, if you walked from Plaza De Armas to Plaza San Francisco, you can continue on the road  through and then you will find a big hall. You will not miss it. In that market, there are lines of juice maker with blender, you can get all you like with just 3.5 soles. Also, if you do want to try local people food, you can spend just 2.5 soles to get a bowl of noodle soup with Chicken. Or, you can find the fried ginny pig or llama head. Also, you can buy varieties of fruits for quite cheap price.  This is a good place to know local life as well. You can find surrouding streets also like this.

Also, if you like to buy other items, this place seems also better. At least, it is for local people, not only for tourists.

food place of market