In Chile 10% on top of your restaurant bill is considered a good tip and is appreciated.

  You do tip porters, at beauty parlors, the kid who packs your supermarket shopping. You do not tip taxi drivers but people usually round off the fare in their favor.

The amounts vary but porters at 5 star hotels are usually happy with a 1000 peso bill, the same with the assistant hair dresser at a beauty parlor, your hair dresser will appreciate slightly more.  Kids at supermarkets are happy with 100 pesos if it's a bag or two, but for a full cart, anywhere from 300 to 500 pesos is very good, but if you want the kid join you to the nearest taxi stop, anywhere from 300 to 500 pesos is the most right.


Taxi drivers should give you correct change (see the "taking taxis" section), but you can say, Quedese con el vuelto, if it's going to be a small coin or two.


A very few restaurants will have a 12% service charge. This should appear on the bill and is voluntary. You can ask for it to be removed and tip the amount you feel is appropriate.