Chile has a state of the art telephone system with a large number of competing companies in all areas, fixed lines, cellular telephones and long distance services. The telephone numbers are usually 7 digits and the area codes have only 2 digits.  The country code for Chile is  56. Two (2) is the code for Santiago (02 in Chile). Public telephones are common and there are numerous telephone call centers in the larger towns and cities. The rates are low, but local calls are charged by the minute. Cellular telephones are more widespread in Chile than in the U.S. 

To make long distance calls, national or international, you need to choose a carrier.  Some possible carrier numbers for calling long distance within or from Chile are: 123, 171, 188, but there are many others.  The rates of the carriers vary.  There is a list of carriers in the 'Guía Comercial' section of the local phone book. As an example, a  call to Viña del Mar from within Chile would be: 171 (carrier) + 32 (code for Viña) + number.  To call somewhere abroad, 171 + 0 + country code + city code + number.  Call centers and public phones will have their carrier number displayed and you will have to use them.

Some hotels have a multicarrier contract and you can access long distance by dialling 00 + country code + city code + number. Always ask if this option is available and the cost.

International calls by public telephone are by phone card, local calls by card or coins. Cards can be bought in shops or supermarkets.

From celular to fixed line, a 0 plus the city code must be added.  A  "02" must be placed before the number for Santiago, for instance. From fixed line to celular, add 09 and then the number (09-82XXXXXX). Celular numbers can begin with 7, 8 or 9. From celular to celular you simply dial the celular number.