Public transportation options in Cebu are currently limited but this problem is changing rapidly.  There are currently construction plans for a Bus Rapid Transit system to be put in to place in the area.  The Bus Rapid Transit system will be used as a tester system to determine whether locals and / or tourists will be likely to use public transportation in the area.  If this tester system is successful, Cebu will be considering expanding and creating a Mass Railway System.

Because this is a tester system, many travelers may be disinclined to use the system when it first starts.  However, travelers are encouraged to be among the first to use the system.  Not only will this give travelers a unique Cebu travel experience to share with people back home, but it will also allow them to be part of an important shift in the transportation system of the area.  By offering their support of the system, as well as their input about changes which might be made to the system, travelers can improve transportation conditions for locals as well as for future travelers in the area.  More information about this system is available at the government’s online forum at .

Until the Bus Rapid Transit system is put in to place, public transportation options remain limited.  

Taxis may be the best way to get around for travelers who do not rent a car upon arrival at the airport.

Unfortunately many taxi drivers do not turn on their meters when you get in. Check and ask each and every time. Many drivers will claim their meters are broken or not working. Others just flatly refuse to turn on the meter. This is illegal; taxis are not allowed to operate at all, unless their meter is working and turned on. If a taxi driver refuses to turn on his meter, just get out of the taxi and get the next one - there are always plenty of taxis around in Cebu. If you travel by un-metered taxi you can expect to get ripped off and charged at least double the proper fare. There is a hot-line for reporting taxi drivers who break the rules  to the controlling organization, LTFRB, but this is ineffective and does not result in drivers' taxi licenses being suspended.