• Motorized Tricycle
    Motorized pedicabs, or tricycles, are the main form of public transportation on the island. Fares are listed prominently on the front of the pedicabs. There is a 7.5 peso daytime fare to travel along the Main Road between Boatstations 1 and 3 for locals.  For tourist Filipinos, they charge between 10 and 20 pesos.  For tourists obviously not of local decent, they try charging a flat 100 pesos, (which is illegal but so many people pay it that they're used to it).  Fares are doubled at night but are often negotiable unless the passenger is caucasian.  There is an additional charge to travel beyond Boatstations 1 and 3.  

  • Pedicabs are available on the White Beach pathway, as motorised traffic is prohibited.
  • Both of these services are required by law to post the official rates in the vehicle, however the overwelming majority of them have broken the laminating seal and gotten the paper wet, thus making it unreadable.

Rental Vehicles

  • Bicycle
    Many resorts rent out bicycles at the cost of 50 pesos per hour (≈$1). All bicycles should ride on the right side of the road.

  • Motorized Tricycle
    A motorcycle with attached passenger car, motorized tricycles are one of the most popular transporting options in the Philipines and can be rented out for 200 pesos an hour. Note that tricycles cannot be ridden on White Beach. They are also available as taxis, as above.

  • Motorcycles
    Your resort can provide you with motorcycles to rent out. The cost is generally around 300 pesos an hour. Note that an international driver's license is required to ride on the motorcycles.