Looking for a tour guide in Philippines can be quite daunting.

The reasons are you do not know who is certified. Theres no such thing as a certified tour guide like those in Thailand.

Philippines' tourism is still developing.  The number of foreign visitors rose to a record of just under 4.3 million in 2012 but neighbouring Thailand had about 21 million.  With the recent launch of the Department of Tourism (Philippines) “It’s more fun in the Philippines!” campaign, more prospective travellers are becoming aware of Philippine with its friendly people, great white sand beaches, interesting scenery, excellent domestic air and ferry networks, great diving and snorkelling, distrinctive food and a growing number of hotels and other accommodation options to suit all budgets.

Below is a list of guides recommended through the  TA Philippines forum.  Philippines tourism is still in its infancy stage so there is a very small pool of recommended guides.

With a private guide and vehicle, you will have control where you want to go and how much time to spend in one destination. Naturally, the cost  per day will be higher.

With a public tour, you will need to follow a schedule but the cost will be much lower.

There are adventure companies like Explore Eight Travel, Tripinas, Travel Factor, e-Philippines and Anywhere Philippines that provide public tours.  These may be subject to minimum numbers.  There are also tour operators such as Tao (Coron - El Nido) who provide all inclusive packages.

Please note that not all the guides mentioned are certified or registered. Some are freelance guides or drivers who are expert in their own area.

The guides, transport companies and drivers are not endorsed by TripAdvisor or any user in the TripAdvisor community.

So the advice to you is to compare among them and also compare them with those mentioned outside TripAdvisor.

When comparing among drivers or guides, compare not only the cost but also the services rendered. The term "expensive" is relative. Most important is the value you get in return. Remember also to search the forum for any review, recommendation or testimonial.

If you do not get a good feel about the guide(s), do not use them. You need to feel comfortable when communicating with them.

Search the Internet for reviews of each guide especially outside TripAdvisor to have a more rounded view.

If any tour guide, transport companies or drivers receive too much negative feedback, they will be removed from the list.

It is common for these guides to ask for a deposit to safeguard their interest as there are some instances of no-show by customers.

Please note that the list is not exhaustive. 

Therefore, any reliable guides, tricycles drivers, taxi drivers or transport companies are welcome to be recommended by third parties and in time added to the list. Philippines has 7107 islands so there are many guides.

Please do be aware that in certain areas, the driver may double up as a guide. However in other areas, you will need to hire an additional guide to bring you around.

This is to prevent “robbing” the local guide of their livelihood. Furthermore in some areas, it is a rule that you will need to hire a local guide.

Please bear in mind that the driver's vehicle is not an all-terrain vehicle. So the vehicle may not be able to travel to all places in the region especially in a mountainous area.

The driver may recommend you to hire another vehicle (additional cost) that is more suitable to travel in that terrain. Remember the driver have your safety in mind. Do not take unnecessary risk; be it at your own or the driver's expense.

Safety is always paramount!

Please verify the scope of services provided with each guide, driver or transport companies to prevent any misunderstanding.

A good thread in Tripadvisor to follow is http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-...



Weekend Driver

Member Weekend Driverhas so far received one recommendation on Tripadvisor. Other members may have used his services without providing feedback. He also contributes to TA discussions about the Ifugao region and has given good advice.

You can contact Weekend Driver at thobs@ymail.com

Tourist Driver - Arnold Sanchez

Arnold is well versed in Philippines' main island of  Luzon, Leyte and Biliran Island.  Arnold has been engaged by several TA users and has positive feedback. His most frequent tour destinations include Banaue, Sagada, Baguio, Tagaytay, Pagsanjan and occasionally Hundred Islands and Mt Pinatubo.  In January 2015, Arnold added Pagudpud to the list of destinations to which he has been hired.  He is also familiar with San Juan, San Fernando, historic Vigan and interesting Laoag.

Arnold has a modern five passenger seater that is well maintained with under 80000 kilometres on the clock as of 31 January 2015. 

You may contact Arnold via email at arnoldvsanchez@yahoo.com

His cellphone number is +63 927 716. 9750..

Websites: https://www.facebook.com/TouristDrive... / http://www.touristdrivermanila.com/

Joseph Razo

Joseph was referred by Arnold (above) when he was unavailable.  Joseph is a Manila native and very knowledgable about the surrounding areas. He has a new, clean van, and other cars available.  He is very prompt, pleasant and safe.    

Email:  anya0627@gmail.com

His cellphone number is  +63925 805 0112 

Eddie P. Bote 

The contact information for Eddie P. Bote is:

cellphone  + 63 907 969 8991 and + 63 925 845 5251.

Email : ed.bote@yahoo.com

FB: Edgardo P. Bote

Jimena Taxi Service

Shermar "Emmar" Mina

Taxi driver used by a member who uses the meter, does airport drop offs and day tours. Is friendly and honest. 

Cellphone number (+63) 927 373 7894


Aristeo Ramirez known as Resty

Resty is a local taxi driver in Manila who has received some good reports so far on Tripadvisor. 

You can contact Resty via email  at restyramirez@yahoo.com

His cellphone number is (+ 63) 927 973 7894 


Was used by a member who recommended this driver for his trip to Tagaytay.

+63 919 224 9201 or +63915 359 3415

Ronald McStay 

Nickname is Mang Tisoy and recommended by a member who regularly uses his services for team-building at work. He has n 18 seater van so would be especially suitable for large groups.

(+63) 927 524 3721

Email: midnight.blue0811@gmail.com 

Manila - "Walk this way" with Carlos Celdran

Carlos Celdran (who has now become a kind of celebrity in his own right) gives walking tours of the old walled city of Intramuros. They are interesting due to the "different" perspective they give of Filipino history. He describes the influence of Spanish and Americans in a manner which is too politically incorrect and would never make it to history books, are extremely eclectic and sound like they might be closer to the truth.

 "Walk this way" with Carlos Celdran

Being a drama actor, his walking tour is pepered with music, theatrics and his imitations of Douglas Mc Arthur.

At 1100 pesos per head (600 pesos per student), the tours are not cheap, but worth it.

You can book by sending a text on +63 920 9092021 or see his blog for details



Irene has finally got her tour guide certification for Banaue. She is a pleasant girl and well versed in Sagada, Banaue, Cambulo, Bangaan and Batad.

You can contact Irene at bireneann@yahoo.com.



Puerto Princesa

Palawan is under the governance of Luzon. 

A common question for Palawan is the transport between El Nido and Puerto Princesa. The El Nido - Puerto Princesa route seems to be dominated by Fortwally Lexus and Eulen Joy. The Roro Bus also services this route.

Please call up the respective operator to verify the schedule on the website here: http://www.elnidoboutiqueandartcafe.c...

Another option is to travel with a new van service that is operated by DayTripper.





1. Danny Noy

Danny has been recommended in the Cebu forum. Feedback is positive. You can contact Danny at:

Email: dannymar07@yahoo.com.ph

Tel Nos: +639061534659 or +639224633757 

Website: http://www.cebutaxiservice.com/contac...

 2.  Alyssa Tours Cebu

Contact Mr Jericho Jumapao

Email: coy79_j@yahoo.com

Tel No +63 9198353910/ +63 9166152928/ +63 9323710658 

Website: http://alyssatourscebu.wordpress.com/

Vehicles available include:

Toyota Innova (7 passenger capacity)

Grandia Van (12 passenger capacity)


1. Bohol Travel Buddy

Bohol Travel Buddy has so far provided consistent good service to visitors in Bohol.

They can be contacted at:


2. Made Travel

Albert  Odtohan  

Contact details are:
Landline +63 38 5018165
Mobile + 63 918 5046447


3. Boyet Bensi

Contact Details +639165187810 or +639182574344



Lindon Monreal

There is no shortage of driver-guides available at Jordan Port upon arrival but Lindon has been used by one TA member and can vouch for his services. He has good knowledge of the island and is very flexible in terms of what you want to do and very helpful to recommend places that most tourists haven't heard of. Contact: 0948-9272661

Cherald Padojenog

Also known as "Kuya Gerald" to many tourists who have used his services, his satisfied clients can be seen all over the internet whenever you do a search about Guimaras travel. Contact: 0908-474-8122





You may contact Teddy at (+ 63) 939 244 0521 or email  teddybird2005@yahoo.com.