Before you head off to Japan make sure that you know who your Network providers roaming partner is in Japan. There is a good chance that your mobile phone will NOT work in Japan - although most G3 phones should work this is not guaranteed. 

When arriving at the airport check the phone immediately! If it does not work go to one of the Phone rental shops. You need to go to the phone rental shop of your carriers partner (ie for O2 that is NTT DoCoMo).

Phone Rental

Rental is quite painless and you insert your own SIM Card. Phones can be returned at the airport on your return. Phone delivery to your hotel can also be arranged from home via Internet. It is expensive, (~ 5 Euro a day) but much cheaper than doing it afterwards while at your Hotel. NEVER rent a phone in a Hotel (big chain business hotels like Interncontinental etc have phones for emergency rental) as the cost is in the region of 150 Euro for 5 days. (that is the phone only - still your SIM card and roaming charges).

Japan Phone Rental Company


SoftBank Rental

Narita, Haneda, Kansai(Osaka), Chubu(Nagoya)

SoftBank is the offical carrier of iPhone in Japan. If you have iPhone, they are very helpful . About their rental service, they have many kinds of products(handset, sim card and WiFi router) but they are very expensive. They also sell the prepaid phone.

Telecom Square

Narita, Haneda, Kansai(Osaka), Chubu(Nagoya)

Telecom Square is the largest mobile rental company in Japan. But their strong point is outbound(from Japan to abroad) so the rental service for foreigners is poor. They have many counters in the airports.


Narita, Haneda, Kansai(Osaka), Chubu(Nagoya)

JAL ABC is mainly airport baggage delivery service company. They have handset and WiFi router rental service.



They have handset and sim card rental service at Narita airport.


Global Advanced Communications

They have many rental products(handset, smartphone, SIM card, USB data card and WiFI router). The rate is cheaper than the airport companies.

eConnect Japan

eConnect Japan sells the prepaid data sim card and rent the wifi router. The prepaid data sim card is 4,100 yen (1GB within 30 days). They have some kinds of different speed WiFi router so you can choose the rental product according to your budget.  You can order it to be delivered to your hotel on arrival. The SIM card works in an iPhone and you then use an app to make free calls.

Sally's Rental

Sally's Rental have 2 kinds of data only sim card rental service. One is Slow Speed(100kbps), the other is 1GB limited data sim card rental. The slow speed SIM is the cheapest rental service(1 week : 3,255 yen) in Japan.

Japan Mobile Rental

Japan Mobile Rental offers mobile wifi routers for use in Japan. You book online from 1,000 yen per day, and can pick up at the airport on arrival or have delivered to your hotel. The service is all in English and it is a low cost way to stay connected in Japan. You can then use skype or another VoIP service to make free phone calls.


Data-only SIM card rental service. The 128K Plan (128kbps speed, unlimited data) is 785 yen/month. The 1 Giga Plan (100Mbps speed, up to 1GB data/month) is 1,950 yen/month. 2 Giga and 3 Giga plans are available. Application and customer support is available in English.  Use Skype or other voice over Internet services to make phone calls.

Sakura Mobile 

Mobile wifi router and Data-only SIM card rental service. They offer DoCoMo unlimited LTE data service (Max 150 Mbps, LTE Data up to 350MB/3day). Unlimited DATA Sim card start frrom 2580 yen for 3day. Unlimited Mobile wifi start from 3180jpy for 3 day. Docomo has the best coverage area in Japan. English customer support is available. Use Skype or other VoIP services to make phone call.