Borneo is the thist biggest island of the world. 2/3 is belong to Indonesian territorial, named Kalimantan. for those seeking of nature beauty there are free activities can be conducted. For instance stunning Sentarum Lake, which is the lagest lake in the Island, Betung Karihun National Park (NP) is also the largest National Park that present primerey rain forest in Kalimantan. The second largest of the parks in West Kalimantan is Gunung Palong National Park, it is situated closed to wester beach in South Cina Sea.

a spot of bird-life in Sentarum Lake NP.floating house in the Sentarun NPSocial life of community in the Sentarum Lake 

Drying fish in traditional method by community in the Sentarum Lake NPA traditiona floating house in the Sentarun NP

Free yourself to explore sentarum lake in 6-9 days; rever boating social economic activities - fishing in tradition way from catching fish, drying process and exporting the to the main cities in Indonesia. 

Themost unique thing is cathing Arwana Fish conducted by local people who lives in the beaches of the lake. The use bambu which is submerged under water and done only in the night time.

     Bamboo Rafting in the Betung Karihun NP   Hinting with Blow Gun in the Betung Karihun NP

Adjust your time 10-12 days exploring Betung Karihun NP where you can do photo hunting for the scenery of pristine rain forest, fresh water traditional bamboo rafting, boady rafting and river boating. Hunting anaimal wild boar (is official not protcted) for meals in traditional way with blow gun is one of the tour attraction. Caving is also possible for those who love that activities. Visitor may enjoy traditional caving actitivities by joining local community -burdnest hunters.  

a spot in Gunung Palong NP   a water fall in the Gunung Palong National Park

Gunung Palong National park with activities visiting and staying in simple home-stay with simple accomodation and simple facility. The main attraction is 3 day jungle trekking throught rain forest. Possibilities; - meeting wild orangutan, gimmbon hornbill and many type of low elevation plants. Optional activities of the 3-5 days free activities in the Giunung Palong NP is beaches in Pulalu Datok.