Small Bikes

Kuta/Legian is literally full of small motorbike rentals. These bikes range from 100-200cc, and they are very cheap. Downside is, there is a lot of traffic chaos on the streets, and with a small bike you should be especially careful. You will be only one of a million, and the Balinese drive like crazy!

Insurance is often officially included and will be charged for, but sometimes you don't get any, even if you paid for it! The rental people will keep the insurance money. So never rely on your insurance.

It is a common practice in Bali to ask for your passport in exchange for the bike. Sometimes this is a problem because the hotel might also ask for the passport.

Large Bikes

As big bikes have only recently become legal in Indonesia and there is a massive luxury tax on them, big bikes are still special and unusual in Bali - and therefore big bike rentals are rare.

Since there are many very small and winding alleys in Kuta - there are some places in the center you actually cannot reach with a car or a very big bike! Most Balinese adore big bikes passionately though, which is making the ride safer - due to high attention levels. If you would like to explore the beaches, you will find out quickly that Bali is actually a pretty large island, making a big bike the better choice.