Have you finally decided to spend your vacation in Indonesia? Well rest assured it's a very beautiful country with a lot of interesting sites for you to come and enjoy. But when talking about Indonesia, you should know a few tips that can make your holiday more enjoyable.

Things you should take a bit more seriously:

  1. Never take the night flight (arrive in Indonesia at night); never arrive in Indonesia at night. Why? Simply because most Indonesian people don't speak English, including most of the taxi drivers, of course because they are Indonesian. In Indonesia, English hasn't become the second language yet. So unless you are able to speak Indonesia come to Indonesia during daytime where all the public services are still in duty so if in any case you decide to go on your own and get lost you won't get in to trouble.
  2. Always prepare Indonesia's Rupiahs; You need them, because you are in Indonesia and no one here use Dollar. The problem is how are you going to get them? Well, nowadays there are a lot of people who can help you online and maybe if you're lucky they might open an account for you in one of popular Indonesian's Bank. Just keep on looking or you can ask help.
  3. Have Indonesian Cell Phone number; You better have an Indonesian's cell phone numbers, because your number won't work in Indonesia, even though your  number has the facilities of International  Roaming they won't work.
  4. Have someone to pick you up at the airport; This is when you can't get the first tips done. Ask you hotels or travel agent to pick you up at the airport. Especially when your destination is Jakarta.
  5. Pick a city for your temporary home base; There are a lot of beautiful places in Indonesia, so pick a city to become your temporary home base so you won't miss any sites that eventually you wanted to see.
  6. Have someone you know live in Indonesia (by case)
  7. Hire a professional vacation agent; If you really want to get the best, you should contact a professional vacation agent to take care all the little things that might cause your vacation. Vacation agents usually act in your behalf to make sure you get what is the best suited for you.
So there are a few tips when you decide to go to Indonesia. Hope you'll enjoy your holiday. Because Indonesia is so beautiful and full of interesting place for you to go.