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Don't even think about it - the road system is congested,  in Chongqing particularly confusing due to the hilly terrain and the style of driving in China is uniquely bad. 



Chongqing has a rather unique bus system, consisting of three different classes: 1 RMB, 2 RMB, and 3 RMB. As you might suspect, pay more and you get more, invaluable and necessary in a humid/tropical city like this.


Chongqing Metro (CRT) currently (2010) has one line in operation, Line 2. It runs on the northern part of the 'head' that is Yuzhong then down the body of the duck.

Line 2 itself is a monorail setup (more popularly known as light rail in China) but the trains are large and the stations are also what one would expect of a heavy rail metro. Payment is less than 6 CNY usually and can be made at the automated vending machines; just select your destination and number of travelers and insert yuan (above 5 CNY only). Change will be in 1 RMB coins and you will get a plastic ticket card to wand at Entry and insert at Exit.

Beware that very little English exists in most stations and unlike in the west, there is little to denote the station you are arriving in (beside a voice which despite announcing in English is way too soft to decipher what she is saying). One should also note that underground stations often have multiple exits but there may also be 'subterranean underpasses' that appear to be subway entrances or that you may need to enter upon leaving the subway. This can sometimes get quite confusing as to what exactly is a subway entrance; just try to look for the CRT logo (look very hard in some cases) and you will be fine.

Otherwise, CRT is very similar to what one would expect in other major cities, it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out as long as you have a map or know where you are going. Here is a good map (in English) from the folks at travelchinaguide, denoting the stations of Line 2 and major roadways (when riding, just count the stops to your destination station). http://www.travelchinaguide.com/image...

 Key stops for Line 2:

*  Jiaochangkou - Terminus station in Jeifangbei (underground). Station closest to the Yangtze River Cablecar (to Nanping).
** Linjiangmen - MAIN station in Jeifangbei (underground). This station is right next to the World Trade Center Chongqing skyscraper and near all of the action and hotels/shopping/bars/restaurants of central Jeifangbei downtown. This station is closest to the Jialing River Cablecar (to Jiangbei).
    Huanhuayuan - station pretty close to Hong Ya Dong.
*  Zhenjiayan - station closest to Chongqing Municipality Government
    Niujiaotuo - station closest to Hilton Chongqing (down the street). The station itself is under the bridge.
*   Daping - station closest to Daping downtown (underground).
** Dongwuyuan - station immediately next to the expansive Chongqing Zoo (Chongqing Dongwuyuan) (highly recommended!)

Line 1 is under construction and will run from Xiaotianmen to Shapingba. It will be heavy rail metro and will mostly be subway. Line 3 is also under construction and will run from Yubei in the North (near Chongqingbei Train station) down through Jiangbei New City crossing into Yuzhong (new station planned near Chongqing Train station [and Hilton Hotel, woo hoo]) then into Nanping. Line 3 will be monorail/light rail similar to Line 2. The initial routing of Line 1 and Line 3 are slated to be running in 2011 but that remains to be seen. Eventually Line 3 will reach Jiangbei International Airport. Line 2 has already been extended further south past Dongwuyuan and further extensions are planned. There are also plans for Lines 4, 5, and 6 although construction has not yet begun (2010).


Taxi's are the best way to get around Chongqing. Their fares start at 6 CNY. You will find most taxi drivers don't speak english so make sure you have your destination written in Chinese.


Yangtze River Cable - car crosses the Yangtze River (Chiang Jiang), providing connection from Jeifangbei (Yuzhong) to Nanping (Nan An). [TIP: on the NanAn side, get a taxi up the NanShan mountain to the lookout for a panoramic view of Jeifangbei downtown; night view is spectacular].

Jialing River Cable car - crosses the Jialing River, providing connection from Jeifangbei (Yuzhong) to Jiangbei near the new museum area.