These are some of the simple tips that can save you some costs when on your trip in Kenya.

1. Instead of hiring a vehicle for your tours maybe in National game Reserves, there are private vehicles owned by local Kenyans that you can get at a more affordable rates than those owned by the big companies affiliated to the game reserves.

2. Always be up to date with the weather forecast especially when on your trip to or in Mombasa. You may expect a sunny day to enjoy on the beach only to realize that the day turns rainy and you will be forced to spend a day indoors in a hotel as you plan for another day.

3.When in Nairobi or Mombasa town, always be updated on the roads that are experiencing a heavy traffic jam, otherwise you may miss to get to your designated points or miss your flight. For these two towns you can easily use your Facebook account to in fact see the live images of the most busy roads in these two towns. The Images are refreshed in every 6 seconds as there is cameras/cctv set all over on this road. This a new development in this cities that even most Kenyans are not yet aware of.