There is much valuable information on this T/A site, most coming from good UK friends.  Most of the information is universal and is helpful to all readers.  However there is local US information (Government, visas, banks, US Tour Agents and Operators, currencies, medical practices, different vocabulary, pricing, etc.) that may be particularly useful to US citizens. Hope that many others will add to this section with other useful information, which is different or unique to North Americans.

The good news is that most shots are covered by HMO insurance (Hepatitis, Polio Booster, Diptheria, and Tetnus). Malaria Pills (Malerone) are also covered (pharmacy co-pay only). However, shots for Yellow Fever and Typhoid are not covered and (as far as Ican discover) are only administered by some hospitals and travel medicine specialists. Those for your area can be found on the Center for Disease Control website www.cdc.goc/travel or by travel medicine associations (www. and All seem to charge approximately the same ($100 for Yellow Fever and $75 to $100 for Typhoid) plus a $50 fee for the consultation. Some also charge a ridiculous "administration fee" of $35. The amount seems high, but there is no alternative.  None of these shots are required, but doctors recommend being cautious and taking all of these shots. All shots should be taken months in advance (so any reactions will occur well in advance of your trip). The one exception is the Malaria pills that start a week before your trip. Also remember that DEET is a mosquito repellent, not a malaria cure. Both are necessary. Please check with your own doctor for specifics and accuracy. Providing this information for convenience only and hope it is useful and time saving to fellow travelers.