Kenya has many orphanages and schools which lack funding and so are grateful for any small gifts you can take with you. What we class as the basics such as pens, pencils and books are very expensive and some families can not afford to purchase these items for their children. Primary schooling is now free to all children in Kenya but if they don’t have the basic tools for learning they are unable to obtain a proper education. You can help by visiting a school or orphanage and taking a few small gifts along with you. A little kindness goes a very long way to someone who has nothing. If you write to the airline you are flying to Kenya with and explain that you want to take some gifts you should be able to obtain an extra luggage allowance. You will need to provide them with a charity number and address.

The lists below will give you some details of what to take along as gifts and also the contact details of some the numerous schools and orphanages.


Schools and Orphanage contact details and Charity number.

Sonneti Academy

PO Box 368



East Africa


The Lioness Cubs Home Mombasa

This home has now been re-situated in Kikambala  -turn inot the Sun n Sand roafd and its sign posted on the right .



The Mokoroshoni School at Shanzu.

Any taxi driver will take you there at a small cost; it’s sponsored here in England. And needs books and pens .there is a charity No which you can give to the airline;


Friends of Mikoroshoni Primary School


charity No. 1085334



This orphanage is located in the Shimba Hills area forty five minutes from Diani . Kerry Watson an ex Thomson employee (The Founder)  will arrange to meet you at your hotel on the coast and take you there for the day and back.

This is a registered charity both in Kenya  and the UK and the Trustee is Kevin Curtis in the UK.

It is also officially recognised and registered with the Kenya Children's Department.

The orphanage mission is to create a home that can give love,understanding,security happiness and hope for the future.



The Hermann Primary and Nursery School  is  In the village of Mwakamba and lies immediately beside the coastal road between  Southern Palms Beach Resort  and  the  the Congo River.

This School and Nursery was built in 2005, is a registered charity and caters for orphans in the area. 



 Tumaini is easily reached from both Diani & Mombasa. The project was started 6 years ago by a young English couple, Glyn & Jane from Doncaster, who gave up their careers back home & started from scratch at Tumaini.


They educate 650 children a day & also feed them their lunch. This is often their only meal of the day. They also feed another 100 local children. They also provide accommodation for 30 orphans & have recently built a half way house to enable the orphans to make the transition  to adulthood & attend university. 

Have a look for yourself on Youtube Tumaini Timbwani School 

Contact details are as follows: 

Education for Life’s Registered Kenya Address:

PO Box 96062, Likoni 80110, Mombasa, Kenya Tel. +254 41 201 4002


Anybody wanting to appeal for funding or support for schools or orphanages can do so  by using the TripAdvisor Causes Forum


Items to take as gifts.



food  (bought locally)

fresh fruits } bought locally

fresh vegetables } bought locally

meat & fish  } bought locally

shoe polish brushes  & dusters





Note books

Coloured Pencils





Pencil sharpeners

Solar...calculators the batteries are very expensive for an average Kenyan family

Socks white and black

Footballs deflated with a pump

Parachute (not for the plane the pilot!!!!!!!!!)

New underwear for boys and girls

Shoes, clothes, football strips and shorts and socks

cuddly toys and educational games for the younger children 


Large kilo bags of rice, maize and beans are desperately needed and can be bought when out there. It is always wise to check after you go out  to the orphanage which item they actually need -( maize can go off quickly) as when driven back to your hotel the driver can go to a special shop   in a village and give him the KHS as he can  buy more cheaply than a mzungu.

Footprints Orphange if visiting - the Trustee will give a list of items that ARE NEEDED AT THE TIME when you are going out.

Noteboooks and pencils can be bought locally and cheaply therefore you can save on weight and bring out more substantial items.

Educational books and Poetry books are very welcome.