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If you haven’t been to Kenya, the importance of a good Guide and a good Driver can't be stressed enough. If you don’t have good ones you will regret it! They will be responsible for the bulk of your experiences there. The best ones are locals, who know what to see and what to skip. They have seen all of the hotels for themselves, know the roads, the languages, safe places to eat, and how to get the best prices on everything from souveneirs to hotels.

You will get what you pay for. If you can afford the luxury trip, you’ll never regret it. But if you choose a budget option, you will have a completely different experience, have more opportunities to visit with local people, and be more connected with the country you are traveling in.

Here are a few things travelers should bring:

  • Travel clothesline with lots of clips
  • Biodegradable laundry detergent and Biodegradable shaving cream/wash
  • A FLAT sink stopper (for doing bits of laundry in any sort of sink)
  • Headlamp (even luxury hotels often turn off the power late at night)
  • Azithromax or equivalent for traveler’s diahrrea.
  • Feminine products. Sports Bra (if you are female)


Your watchwords should be: BOILED. PEELED. COOKED.  If you are at a luxury resort, food safety is not as big an issue. Remember, fruits and vegetables are washed, but in the water that is available. If the water is not pure, neither is what was washed in it. Many people who travel don’t eat salads during their entire trip. (Also use bottled water for brushing your teeth depending on where you are staying).

For the same reason, Avoid Ice! Get bottled drinks. (Try Krest soda). Waiters will often give you a covered straw, and remove the bottlecap in front of you.

Additional notes on traveling in Kenya:

Be a good traveler! Remember things are not just like they are at your own home. (That’s why you travel!) Trust your Guide and Driver- but speak up if you feel like something is really not right. Roads are full of potholes, and many are closed during rainy seasons. It is common to drive on the shoulder in the bush. It takes a long time to drive anywhere, and conditions change constantly. If you can fly-do it!

Permanent Tented camps are great - they are permanent structures in the back, with a shower, sink, toilet etc. The soft-sided tent in the front gives you a feeling of being outside. They are a unique experience.

Every shilling you spend in Kenya has an enormous effect of people’s lives. Most of the people are quite poor and opportunities are limited. When it comes to souvenirs, try to buy them from the Artists if you can. When you travel, they often will accost your van, pushing jewelry and other items at you. It can be overwhelming. It helps to have a number of bills in small denominations available apart from your main money that you take out easily & safely if you want to buy something. That small purchase you make will literally enable that woman or her family to eat that day.

Here is what you don’t know:

these people, often Maasai, are on every ad for Kenya, but they are not allowed to sell their own products at tourist sites or parks. They also do not receive benefits from the tourism and sales on their own lands. It’s really a travesty when you know that, and see the poverty of the people who live in and around these parks.

Hopefully, these notes will help you have a more happy and successful trip to Kenya. It is an amazing and beautiful place. The scenery is incredible, and people there are friendly and welcoming.