The Nile River Valley is a hot and dry region which registers very little precipitation at any time of the year.  It is generally recommended that travelers do not go to the area during the hottest summer months, as the area is scorching at this time.  The average summer high temperature is over one hundred degrees from May through September.  During this time, the average evening temperature is in the seventies or eighties, which offers a nice respite from the high daytime temperatures.  Because of this, travelers who do head to the region during the summer are advised to wake early, nap during the hottest part of the day and then enjoy the cooler evening temperatures out on the town.

The winter months are better months to head to the Nile River Valley in terms of temperature.  The average temperature in the region during the coldest months of the year is in the sixties.  It may get down near fifty at night or up near seventy five during the day, depending upon the area of the Nile River Valley being explored.

Travelers can obtain climate information for Luxor at and for Aswan at ; the rest of the region is similar to that of these two cities.