There are many museums in Bogota which are home to thousands of pieces of artwork, ancient artifacts, paintings, sculptures, and much more. Following are some of the highly recommended museums for tourists to visit:


The Colonial Museum: This is a museum that is filled with all sorts of works of art created by different historical artists. It also contains ancient artifacts from the local region.

Museo del Oro: This is a great museum to visit for anyone who enjoys looking and ancient jewelry and gems. The collection of gold and emeralds in this museum is one of the most famous jewelry exhibits in the entire world. The number of gold items on display for museum visitors to see is about 30,000.

Museo de Arte Moderno: This is Bogota’s museum of modern art and has been open since the mid-1950s. Most of the art featured in this museum was created by artists with Colombian roots.

Museo de Bogota:  The Museo de Bogota is a great place to visit to learn about Bogota’s history and how life was in the past (and is in the present) in this city. This museum has a main location which is in downtown Bogata but many smaller exhibits are placed in various local libraries.

Museo de Botero & Casa De Moneda: This is a group of museums containing the works of Botero, acoin collection and two additional art collections with many famous artists(Picasso, Chagall, Monet, Renior, etc). This is an increadible series of buildings. The botero museum is in an old building that has been restored well. Admission is free. You should definitely check it out! Calle 11 No 4-41)