While there are ways to reach Syria by ground, and you can drive from Lebanon, Turkey or Iraq, most travelers arrive in Damascus by air. Crossing the border by car can be difficult, especially with the current situation in the Middle East. All tourists need a visa, which is available at their consulates, but you might not be able to get a visa to visit Syria if you have an Israeli stamp in your passport.

If you are travelling on a tour group visa be prepared for a long wait - possibly up to an hour and a half - for the group visa to be processed. 

There is one main international airport is Damascus (DAM), and it is about 18 miles southeast of the city. Syria is also home to two other international airports in Aleppo and Latakia.

Direct flights are available to Damascus from various Middle Eastern and European cities including London, Paris, Istanbul, Frankfurt and Cario. Travel time from Damascus to London’s Heathrow is just under five hours. The airport is modern but is certainly beginning to show its age. It has money exchange kiosks, some small but clean restaurants and a tourist information booth.

The airport’s small size means that you can get through it rather quickly. Shuttle buses and taxis are available outside of baggage claim in the arrivals terminal. Buses travel back to the airport from the city center. Cabstands are available but meters are used in cabs in Syria, so it is advisable to negotiate the fare before you begin your journey.