Set off in the morning for a long and pampering ‘picnic for two.’ Pick up bicycles and a lunch with everything you need for a perfect picnic. Riding on bikes enjoying the tranquillity and serenity of the Park, and take your time to find the most romantic spot for a picnic.

During a four hour bicycle tour, you can go to lots of great places in the city, like the Port, or the new Promenade.

If you want an extraordinary experience for couples, or families - even those with small children and want to see Tel Aviv from a different viewpoint (more like a native of Tel Aviv), a bike tour and picnic is a great way to do it.  

Summer time better early mornings.

Bike rent and breakfast at Jeremiah cafe

 Tel Aviv Municipality has a bike rental service with dozens of rental stations all over the city - take from one, return to any other. Called Tel-o-fun. Use your credit card to rent a bicycle. Practical and cheap.