Tel Aviv is a great place to visit with a family. Since you will most likely be flying into Ben Gurion International Airport this is the first city you will be staying in if you are planning on touring the whole country. This is a good place to start because you are able to take in the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the varying scenery. For many first-time visitors to Tel Aviv, there is a sense that you feel at home because the facilities are so modern. There are movie theaters, dance clubs, excellent restaurants, cultural events, and sports teams that are so reminiscent of home. At almost every turn in Tel Aviv there is something that can be turned into a learning experience for children. The beaches (all free) are wonderful for families, take care to go to one with life guards. Not all beaches have guards on duty. There are untold amounts of religious inspirations and cultural inspirations all throughout the city. Tel Aviv has a good number of parks and museums and other activities that can teach the entire family about the history of the state of Israel and the culture of the Jewish people. Now at the Sportek, there are Israel Baseball League games on summer nights and some afternoons. And, every four years Tel Aviv hosts the Maccabiah Games, which is the Jewish "Olympics". This is a very big event for young people, and families come from all over the world to watch their children participate. This is a great event to go to with the family if you happen to be in the city during the games.