Getting around the city on foot is a cinch if you're a good walker. In very hot and/or rainy weather you may want to use the excellent bus system, both urban and inter-urban. There are also shared taxis (called "sherut") that ply some of the bus lines and will stop and pick you up/drop you off anywhere along the route. Prices mostly equal to or lower than bus fares. The major bus companies have information websites and telephone info services.

 It is a good idea to at least learn the Hebrew alphabet before you go - because many of the bus-stops have the routes written only in Hebrew, and being able to decipher it is a real boon.

Taxis are everywhere and can be hailed anywhere. Can also be ordered by phone through the various taxi ranks. Make sure the driver starts the meter and be sure to take your receipt at the end. It is not common or expected to tip in taxis, except perhaps by rounding up to the next round shekel, if you want to. There is a small charge for the 3rd person in the taxi. Smoking in all public transportation, including taxis, is prohibited.