Besides the "classical" Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv you may find lots of good, nice and very interesting modern architecture. The Modern Art Museum, numerous hotels (mainly along the beach) and a lot of skyscrapers.

                            Azrieli Center

                            the Azrieli Center


Strolling around the north and east side of Tel Aviv, it happend I found for instance this


         fire station in north Tel Aviv 

         fire station close Hata'Aruka (north Tel Aviv)


walking east, close to Yisrael Galili, some very interesting apartments buildings

   apartment building at Yisrael Galili   apartment building at Yisrael Galili

and further 

                     Beit Daniel Synagogue 

                      Bei Daniel synagogue

walking further south and always east

                     skyscarper at S'hlomo Goren 

                     skyscraper at S'hlomo Goren


A handful of nice modern architecture! It's worth a walk.