Jerusalem is essentially two cities: the Old and the New, each with its own flavour.

The Old City strictly is the area encompassed by huge Ottoman walls, roughly in the shape of a square. This area is divided into four quarters: NW: Christian, and Christian Holy Places, SW: Armenian and Jewish, NE:Moslem, SE: Moslem and Jewish Holy Places.

The main entrance is by the Jaffa Gate (W) but there are other gates on the North , East and South sides of the Old City.

 Most visitors will wander though the  arab market, Christian pilgrims will follow the via Dolorosa, Jewish pilgrims will head for the Western Wall of the Temple, and  Moslem visitors will go to the large mosques.

The New  City started to develop 150 years ago as a Jewish initiative and is today a modern metropolis of about half a million people. It has architectural styles spanning over a century.

In the New City you will find fine hotels, good restaurants, shopping centres and places of entertainment.

In the northern part of the New City the Jewish population is strictly orthodox and people there live according to tradition, seen in the way they dress: (men in black hats and coats, married women always with their heads covered too).

The southern part of the New City is more "modern" and there you can find a big shopping mall, American-style, as well as the football stadium.


When visiting Holy Places and  religious neighbourhoods please dress modestly and respect local feelings.