• Validity & Expiration Dates: Israel requires that passports be valid up to six months past the entrance date to Israel. So even if you are planning on visiting Israel with a valid passport in August 2012, your passport must be valid until at least Feb. 2013.
  • Middle Eastern Travel:  Many countries in the Middle East will not grant you entrance and refuse to issue you a travel visa to stay if you have an entry or exit stamp from Israel. If you ask in advance Israel will usually agree to not stamp your passport. This is helpful only if you are not going into or leaving Jordan by land. Once Jordan stamps yur passport at an Israeli-Jordan crossing, even if Israel doesn't stamp it would be obvious where you were. The only remedy if your passport does get stamped would be to either wait for it to expire or request a new passport from your home country.

  • Entry points:
  •  Air: Ben Gurion(Tel Aviv) and Ovda(Eilat) airports,
  • Sea: Haifa, Ashdod, Eilat ports (very few passenger ships call in)
  • Land; from Egypt: Taba/Eilat and Keren Shalom, from Jordan: Aqaba/Eilat and Beit Shean(northern Jordan valley). There are no crossing points from Lebanon or Syria.