Getting around the island of Ko Samui at its edges only takes around an hour, so seeing the entire isle is perfectly feasible during one's stay. Getting through jungle however, can be a different story. There are several different options for transportation to get you to see the island's different beaches and villages.

Rental car options are available through internationally known companies but is much more expensive then local operators.   This option is only recommended if you will like to get the car out of the island as local companies do not allow you to depart from the island.

However, some smaller rental companies may require more documents from you, or even require to hold your passport during the time that you rent.  One option that seams to be best of both words is to book it via a local professional tour agency such as Tours Koh Samui charge 800THB for jeep and 1400 THB for a 5 sits minivan and can also arrange a minivan and a driver.    The rental price includes full insurance and it is for 24 hours.   They even deliver the car to your hotel and pick it up from any location, may save you money by using the car to transfer to the airport.   They require you to present a valid driver license, and make a copy of your passport.

A great way to get about the island is in a "songathew". Songathews are large red trucks and are Ko Samui's answer to a bus system. These trucks only run regularly during the day and. Destinations are marked in English on the truck but please ask if they go to the destination advertised.   Rides can be cheap running around 20-60 baht on the normal busy destination, i.e. Chaweng beach. They do not run how you may expect however, as they do not have any official stopping points. Do not be afraid to flag one down as it is the only way to catch one.   Well you will hear them honking their horn every site of foreigner.   Make sure to ring the bell when you need to depart. At night, they serve as taxis however, the rates go up significantly for any use.

Regular yellow, green taxis, Taxi meter, or any other Taxi in Samui is nothing like Bangkok . Taxi meter do not operate the meters on Samui, you need to bargain and agree on a price prior to getting in and it will end up expensive for Thailand standards.

The worst is taxi to and from the Airport,  it can cost 400THB for a ride of less then 6km or 10 min.  The best advice get transfer from your hotel or even better, get the Limonene Service from Bangkok Airways after arrival.   It is not real Limonene, just a nice and safe minivan at very resnoble price 100THB to most destinations.  Some agencies on line like  Tours Koh Samui can even arrange any transfer ahead of time for good prices.

One great option for seeing the island is to rent a motorbike , it is cheaper 150- 250 a day but does not include full coverage.   If you damage the bike you pay for it.   If you never ride a motorbike do not learn how to drive in Ko Samui.   Samui have the highest rate of accident in the kingdom, with poor condition roods that can be crowded.   The last thing you need is to end the vocation in the hospital !!!

Make sure to read the rental agreement prior to agreeing to rent the motorbike:   Make sure:   it got completed with rate per a day week, start finish date and time deposit amount and condition.   Take a helmet with you, it is safer and cheaper if the police stop you.

Watch out for some rental agencies that will do everything to get money from you.   Especially if you would like money back as the motorbike does not operate well.   If this happened, try to get the original contact.   When all else fail go to the tourist police, then can be helpful.

Option that seams to work well is booking via a local professional tour agency such as Tours Koh Samui They charge 170THB for Honda dream or automatic motorbike 250 THB for 24 hours.