The following information is offered for visitors on some of the numerous Elephant Camps and their credentials, in and around the Chiang Mai region.

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ELEPHANT NATURE PARK (also mentioned in reviews as the Elephant Nature Foundation)

You cannot book anywhere but direct with Elephant Nature Park at their website It is suggested that bookings are made early as they can book out weeks, even months in advance.

Comments Sample:  "we thoroughly and completely loved ENP... You get to pet, feed and bathe the elephants in the river. You get to learn about them and observe them in a more natural enviroment and really see their personalities. The babies are particularily funny and playful." Halilee -  Regina, Canada

"If you want an amazing experience with elephants you might also like to check out Elephant Nature Park. In my opinion it was more than an elephant ride could have ever provided. If you do find interest in this, I would recomend that you stay the night, after the tours go home it is really something to be able to hang out, talk with staff and volunteers and watch the animals."  SnowPirate - Fort St. John, Canada

"I have been to the Elephant Nature Park twice and LOVE it. IF you can do an overnight trip do it! If you are looking for a place that truly is all about the elephants leading a safe healthy happy life this is the place for you. The centre cares for rescued and abused elephants and employs reward based training for its elephants as opposed to the awful 'spirit breaking ceremony' that other camps employ. There is a reason you are able to ride elephants and its through cruel training practices. While you cant ride an elephant at ENP you can support a fantastic cause and spend an educational day close to the ellies! See my blog and Photos of ENP - LINK and LINK"  MJReet - Sydney, Australia

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Comments Sample: "Spent a day at Patara... it was the most wonderful experience. It is expensive compared to other places you can get up close to elephants but it is well worth the money. The owner, Pat, is a wonderful man and has a great vision for the future of his elephants and the elephant population. You get picked up from your hotel by Patara staff and the journey is about half an hour... it is set in beautiful surroundings."   Teethy - Stratford upon Avon, England

"Its a wonderful experience. You get to know the elephants, be friends, bathe and clean them, and then ride for 2 to 3 hours. NO elephant chair, just straight on its head !! Sunds scary, but great once you do it. You'll never experience anything like it, just DO IT!"  Bhavesh - London, England

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THAI ELEPHANT CONSERVATION CENTRE (Lampang - 100 kms S/E of Chiang Mai)

Comments Sample:  "Stayed 3 days at TECC, thai elephant conservation centre in lampang. supat, the organiser is a young man who is very sincere about his elephants and what he is doing, and he arranged transport from the hotel in chiang mai. You can stay for 1,2, or 3 days in bungalows at the elephant camp. it was a wonderful experience, and the elephants seemed to be well cared for and genuinely loved. There is an elephant hospital in the grounds which you are free to visit and no area was off limits."  Sue_in_wales - Swansea, Wales

"We really loved the one day Mahout program during our visit to Chiang Mai. You spend the whole day riding your own elephant, taking it for a bath, and feeding the baby elephants in the nursery."   kitkat343 - New York, USA

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BAAN CHANG ELEPHANT PARK - Magical Elephant Training (45 minutes from Chiang Mai - Hotel transfer included)

Comments Sample:  "If you want to see a show, ride an elephant on a heavy iron seat and generally be a bit ignorant then don't come here! We had a great day looking after the elephants, learning about them and would thouroughly recommend a visit to anyone looking to spend time with these amazing animals. The owner and his staff really care."  ElProfile - London, England.

"after weeding out all the tourist traps and the numerous unethical/questionable animal attractions, there are very few fresh and exciting things to do in Chiang Mai. Baanchang Elephant Park is, without a doubt, a jewel in Thailand's sometimes tarnished tourism crown. This is the real deal - no cruel and unnatural performances by the animals."  nvnelson - Koh Samui, Thailand.

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MAE PING ELEPHANT VILLAGE (route 107 between Chiang Mai & Chiang Dao - 45 minutes)

Comments Sample: "Although not usually a fan of highly-scripted "wildlife adventures", I couldn't help but be touched by my visit to Mae Ping Elephant Village as part of a tour. The tour to the Village is a common day-trip pushed by local travel agencies and hotel concierges, and at 1,000B is fabulous value, as it is a full-day of activities including transport from Chiang Mai, entry to the Village and a visit to a nearby orchid farm and butterfly enclosure."  roshodgekiss - Sydney Australia.

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CHIANG DAO ELEPHANT CAMP - Training Center (route 107 between Chiang Mai & Chiang Dao - 45 minutes)

Comments Sample: "We were able to do it all at this camp... we saw an elephant show where they painted pictures among other tricks, we watched them bath in the river and they splashed us with their trunks, we got to go on a long ride through the jungle and then we got to take a bamboo raft back down the river for lunch."  MPK01 - Layton, Utah

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MAETAMAN ELEPHANT CAMP (1 hour along Mae Rim Road)

Comments Sample: "We did the Maetaman Elephant camp as part of a day tour organised through World Travel. It's quite touristy in that there is an elephant show where the keepers get the elephants to do tricks. The elephant painting is pretty cool and you can buy the paintings afterwards. I believe proceeds go towards the camp. While the commercialism a bit sad, I believe what they're doing is noble. As part of the tour, we had an elephant ride through the jungle." - Colway Perth, Australia

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MAESA ELEPHANT CAMP (30 minutes along Mae Rim Road )

Comments Sample: "We visited the Mae Sa elephant farm when we were in Chiang Mai and enjoyed the experience. There were plenty of opportunities to interact with the elephants and a few babies around the grounds. The park is about 12ks north of the city and fees were very reasonable."  BobnJanette - Brisbane, Australia

"Maesa elephant camp has a great elephant show but not good for elephant riding. For elephant riding go to Chiang Dao elephant training center. Lots of nice old growth forest and the Ping river, beautiful." Randy - Chiang Mai

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