1. Carry USD, exhangeable everywhere at the banks, and back into your currency when you go back home with very competitive rates. Never exchange currency in the airport, they charge you the airport premium. Only exchange enough for you to get a taxi, which is around 700-900 baht for the city, so exchange only 20-30 dollars. The rate with the same bank in the city for exchange is 2-3% better.

2. Take taxis everywhere, especially if they go by meters (avoid taking taxis right outside your hotel as they would invariably not go by meter and charge double or triple rates.

3. Only go by tuk tuk if you have not sat in auto rickshaws before, otherwise it is the worst experience you would have. Toyota Corolla/Altis are much better and airconditioned.

4. Always bargain with a smile as if you are requesting. Learn simple words in Thai that say 'too much' and invariably they would reduce prices to more manageable levels.

5. Siam Paragon is the place to be if you want to buy designer stuff at world competitive prices.

6. MBK center is the place to be if you want to buy anything under the sun at competitive prices. Especially good for clothes. Trust you would need more than a day here as this is big.

7. Platinum Mall is the place to go to for ladies stuff, designer clothes, accessories at competitive prices. Need more than a day here especially if you are with women.

8. Sukumvit is the place to stay. "Soi" means the lane/road no, and most of the taxi drivers know about it.

9. MRT/ BTS only works out cheaper if you are single/ couple. More than that taxi works out to be more effective and equally costly.

10. If you buy any big item like TV, be sure that you carry the receipt and VAT refund papers to airport as you would like to claim VAT refund.

11. TVs work out approx half the cost of what they would in India, so makes sense to buy there. Rest of the electronics are more or less at par so makes no sense to buy from there.

12. In SIAM Paragon, there is a Japanese restaurant, Kobe, with excellent beef burger and butterfly prawns. 

13. In MBK the Pizza Hut serves sea food pizza and offers unlimited Coke.

13. Try local cuisine, good, hygenic and light.