Emergencies in Delhi

To call an ambulance, or you are broken down or need any help on the roads dial 102, sometimes there can be delays due to traffic though the average call out is 5 mins. 

East West Medical Centre (011-24623738) B-28 Greater Kailash Part 1- New Delhi, has a very good reputation.

 Emergencies in Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

In all over the Gujarat State for any type of emergency  CALL 108. Its the fastest responding cell equipped with Free ultra modern Ambulance, Police, Fire and other assistance. 

Embassy Assistance

Contact your own embassy as they may assist you in solving any major issue and will provide you an uptaded list of doctors and medical centres. 

In addition most embassies now have online registration available for travellers where you can log your passport, itinerary and emergency contact details.  Should there be a natural or political disaster in the area the embassy has your details and approximate whereabouts to make contact with you to check that you are OK.

For Australians - http://www.india.embassy.gov.au/ndli/...

For Americans - https://travelregistration.state.gov/...

For the British - http://ukinindia.fco.gov.uk/en/

For other countries check your embassy website and usually on the front page somewhere there will a link or information on registering with your embassy in the country you are visiting.