One of the most popular attractions here is the Ethiopian National Museum, which is home to “Lucy,” a 3.5 million-year-old fossilized skeleton. The Museum also features several antiquarian relics and archeological artifacts showing the country’s history.

Another don’t-miss spot is St. George’s Cathedral, located on Churchill Road. It was constructed by Emperor Menelik II in the 1890s to commemorate Ethiopia’s victory over the Italians. Built in the traditional octagonal shape, it now houses a variety of religious paintings, several crosses, historic books and texts, and crafts.

And the National Palace, once known as the Jubilee Palace, is the residence of the President. The surrounding park is home to rare, indigenous wildlife.

Other attractions of Addis Ababa worth spending your time on are :

  • The Menelik Mausoleum
  • Trinity Cathedral
  • The Ethnological Museum ( Located at Addis Ababa University Main Campus )
  • The Old Imperial Lion Zoo
  • Markato

There are also historical monuments to visit while you drive through the city. Some of them include

  • Abune Petros Memorial,
  • The Lion of Judah Monument
  • Victory Monument 
  • Martyrs Monument