Addis Ababa is the victim of occasional political violence, so it is advisable to stay on top of the travel advisories. And even in good times, pickpockets are common, so keep your hand on your wallet at all times.

There are also a few health issues to be aware of. Schistosomiasis, also known as bilharzia, is carried in fresh water by worms that enter the skin and attach to the intestines or bladder. So avoid swimming or bathing in fresh water where bilharzia is present. Also be aware of intestinal worms, which may be ingested on food or enter through your skin. Ascaris worm are the most common in this area, and can be easily diagnosed once you return home. And because of the possibility of malaria and yellow fever, protect yourself from mosquitoes with the proper clothing and repellent.

And, of course, take the proper precautions against HIV and hepatitis.