The most important word to know for communication about shopping while in Tunis is “souk”.  This is the Arab word which loosely translates to market, and it refers to the locations where Tunis locals sell (or occasionally barter) a whole variety of goods.  Travelers merely need to ask their local hotel staff or taxi driver for the nearest souk and they will be pointed in the direction of all local goods.  Travelers should know, however, that the souks can be hectic.  Initial prices of all items are high because it is standard to barter with the sellers which can sometimes be difficult because of language barriers.  This is the most fun shopping to be had in the area, though, if it is approached with the right attitude.  For souk shopping that is geared more towards tourists, the medina is the place to go.

In addition to the medina, the other main place where a majority of Tunis travelers will want to visit is the Central Market.   This is actually quite similar to the souks except that, instead of selling goods, the vendors at this location are selling food.   This is the best place in Tunis to go to get fresh local treats.   Visitors are reminded that crowded locations such as the medina and the Central Market pose the most danger of theft crimes; see for more information.