The rule below has been abolished. Please convert to rupees. It will be much easier, every thing incuding eating, shopping, travelling, activity all asked for ruppes. which they do their own rate. mostly less the market rate.

Wish some one update this before.



ATM's are available as you walk outside of the airport in Male.  However, beware of the unusual currency restrictions. 

Since January 2008, Seychelles has required foreign tourists to pay local businesses in foreign rather than local currency.   The government tightly controls currency exchanges and forbids foreigners from converting local currency back into a foreign currency without a receipt.  The airport staff is familiar in dealing with frustrated tourists who are unable to either spend or exchange back their Seychelles Rupees.  You should bring a sufficient amount of American Dollars, Euro, or UK Pounds.  The vast majority, if not all, of the local businesses that cater for tourists accept Visa cards.  As these businesses charge the cards based on those currencies, there is no exchange rate advantage to use foreign cash vs. a foreign credit card.

It is advised not to change to the local currency unless you rent a car.  Businesses charge high exchange rates but there is nothing you can do about it.  Legally, it seems you are only able to use the local currency to give tips to staff  and buy petrol.  Apparently, the petrol stations don't accept credit cards or foreign currency so you may be required to get some local currency if renting.  If you do get some foreign currency, be sure to keep your receipt for the exchange so that you can legally convert back before departing.