Every single year Tangier celebrates Jazz music by hosting a five day long festival with a heavy schedule of pure delectation TANJAZZ!

Indeed coming from the merger of the two words Tangier and Jazz, the city sees here and there artists performing in the street, free concerts on the widest places of the city as well as private concerts in pubs and clubs. A whole program to discover a must see for the fans. 

In 2012, the festival will run from September 19 through September 23.  The official website http://www.tanjazz.org/ .  The website is in English, French and Spanish and contains details of the program, the artistes, the venues and how to purchase tickets.

Tanja Latina

Five years ago a new annual festival was inaugurated in Tangier - Tanja Latina.  It set out to be the first Moroccan festival to offer Latino music (salsa, son, cumbia, merengue, mambo ,samba, bossa nova …. etc) and hosts artistes from all over the world.

Usually there are free dance lessons (e.g. tango) given at local hotels to coincide with this festival.

It proved a great success and is now an annual event, so in 2012 the 5th annual festival will take place on November 4, 5 & 6.

Website: http://www.tanjalatina.com/(in French and Spanish only unfortunately, but it's easy to see who is playing when and where)