Tanger with kids

Madness or adventure? If you watch out for these 8 points, definitely an adventure! 

  • Do your homework so you are ready for their questions: What language are they speaking? Why do they look like that? What are the women wearing? Why is there a guy singing via loudspeaker all day? Do they really eat cow's stomachs here?
  • Teach them hello and goodbye in French and Arabic.
  • Don't do it if you still need a buggy. Tanger's streets are narrow, crowded and very hilly.
  • Your kids need to be willing to try food that does not involve nuggets and chips. If coucous and chicken provoke a yuk reaction, you will end up with hungry kids. And hungry kids are evil.
  • Be prepared for people touching and kissing your kids. Moroccans love children and are genuinely delighted to see a family with kids visiting their country
  • Try to organise the trip yourself rather than do a bus tour. No child would deal with a day of trekking around the sights with 40 adults following a man holding up an umbrella
  • Go slow and take breaks. The sights and sounds of Morocco fascinating, but exhausting too. 
  • Last but not least, agree on what you're going to get them as a souvenir, and stick to it. Otherwise you'll come home with 5 fake football jerseys, 10 sequined tops and never-rub-off henna lipstick to last you a lifetime.
Have fun!