There are a lot of guidebooks and helpful articles out there for people heading to Marrakech but here are a few tips.

AIRPORT TRANSFER/TAXI It will usually be cheaper to organise an airport transfer with your riad but if you do get a taxi bear in mind they can't drive too far into the city centre and the roads are a nightmare so you can either find a local to take you for a fee-be careful who you trust, usually the taxi driver will help you find someone they know, or study a map beforehand.

TAXIS There are two types of taxis. The big Mercedes and all of the others- Peugeots and Fiats are the best. Do not use a Mercedes unless you have to as they are the most expensive. Go for one of the others! And always ask them to put the meter on. Some of them will refuse but it makes so much difference to the price. A fiver for a taxi ride may not seem a huge amount but when the meter is on and you realise it should be about a pound you realise how much you've been getting ripped off!

DAY TRIPS It is a good idea to book a day trip to the waterfalls from companies advertising in local cafes in the square, for example. This is apparently much cheaper than doing it through the riads as there is no third party. Be careful as they often say that the tour guide is included but that it is possible to go off and explore and not use the tour guide. It may turn out this isn't possible and tourists have to follow the tour guide. It is a good idea because obviously they know a lot and it is a lot of tricky walking but usually guide ISN'T actually included and everyone then has to pay the guide at the end- usually about 40 MADS each.

TOILETS Take toilet roll or tissue EVERYWHERE. Places to eat often don't have napkins and sometimes you enter the toilet and find it is just a hole in the ground with no toilet paper. You have to pay for many of the toilets even if you have eaten or drank in an establishment so have a little change with you at all times.

WALKING AROUND When you are walking around you will be constantly told you are going the wrong way and the locals will offer to show you the way- sometimes walking along with you and trying to force you to go the other way. DON'T FALL FOR IT!! Always always stick to the map as they will be no doubt be telling you the wrong way just to get you to walk past their friend or relative's business! Just be firm and carry on- half the fun is finding your own way. Many tourists falling for this and have to end up paying for their "guide".

SHOPPING AND HAGGLING If you are buying silver from the jewellery stores make SURE it is real silver. Don't make the mistake of paying for something that appears to be real silver without checking first as the owner will not mention it to you if it isn't! Walking away is the best tactic when haggling- offering them a seriously low price and then just as you are getting to your maximum price, say thank you but you will look elsewhere, and start walking away. It is amazing how quickly they agree to your price when you do! Another tip is keeping one note in a section of your wallet/purse so that you can show that this is all you have (cheeky, yes, but you want to get a good price!).

PHOTOS Be careful when you take photos- generally it is fine to take photos of the sights but if you are quite into your photography and want to take more arty photos of the local shops and streets just make sure that the owners are okay with it and that you aren't accidentally capturing local women in them, for example, as some people can get offended and many shops have signs saying "no photos". ALWAYS ask in the souks- often the owners will not allow you to take photos of their stalls.

ENGLISH TEA For all those Brits out there- it is not possible to find English tea for love nor money! This is mainly in the local areas, however, so it is probably available in the more touristy areas. Recommend brining your own if you love it, to be on the safe side!

CLOTHING For all the girls out there wondering about what to wear, don't worry too much. The best things to wear are summery dresses that don't show off loads of cleavage and silky baggy trousers and tank tops etc. The main square is usually full of tourists wearing shorts and there don't tend to be any frowns directed at the more clingy things. The girls who wear tiny little tops and really short denim shorts look a little silly and not particularly respectful. But you don't need to be worried in general.

WALLETS Hold on to your bags and wallets at all times!! Many people get pick-pocketed whilst they are sat in the pop-up restaurants in the square because they leave them on the long benches next to them and people sneak their hand their bags. Recommend putting your feet through your bag straps and having it under the table by your feet.